Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Gifted Writer's Bill of Rights

One of the most insightful activities from the first week of school was the creation of the Gifted Writer's Bill of Rights.  Learning to write is a life-long process.  In elementary school, scholars work hard to develop proper sentence structure, rich vocabulary, the ability to convey what they are thinking, and their personal voice and style.  It is definitely not an easy task, and while the ASPIRE Academy certainly has its share of gifted writers, many also experience frustration and anxiety when presented with a writing assignment.

Because it requires a special effort to become a skilled writer, students have very strong opinions about how they should be treated, and how their work should be viewed.  Inspired by Bertie Kingore's Bill of Rights for the Gifted Reader, Mrs. Fullhart and I challenged the ASPIRE 5 classes to create a Writer's Bill of Rights.  First, scholars brainstormed ten rights in small groups, and wrote them on chart paper.  Next, the students did a gallery walk to read what the other groups came up with.  Finally, we gave each scholar 3 star stickers, and allowed them to place the stars on their favorite rights.  I compiled the top 12 rights into one list, and Mrs. Boykin designed a poster for us to reveal on Monday.

I was very impressed with how enthusiastic the students were as they created their rights.  I feel that we have a better understanding of their attitudes about writing, and we will work hard to implement this list throughout the year when it is appropriate.  So without further delay, I proudly present to you the Gifted Writer's Bill of Rights, written by our very own ASPIRE 5 scholars!

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